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You might be aware of what is happening to you, but unable to move. Later, you might not be able to remember what happened while you were drugged. They should only be used under a doctor's care and order.

Ketamine can cause these problems: Some of these drugs are legal when lawfully used for medical purposes. Any drug that can affect judgment and behavior can put a person at risk for unwanted or risky sexual activity. In fact, alcohol is the drug most commonly used to help commit sexual assault.

is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the One Piece manga series, created by Eiichiro Oda.

Luffy made his debut in One Piece chapter #1 as a young boy who acquires the properties of rubber after inadvertently eating the supernatural Gum-Gum fruit.

Sexual assault is always the responsibility of the person who commits the assault.

Sexual assault is never the victim's fault, regardless of the circumstances. Most victims don't remember being drugged or assaulted.

It also can lower a person's ability to give reasoned consent.

Both men and women can be drugged with date rape drugs.Luffy appears in most of the episodes, films, television specials, and OVAs of the manga's anime adaptations and several of the franchise's video games.Due to the series' international popularity, Luffy has become one of the world's most recognizable anime characters.These drugs also are known as "club drugs" because they tend to be used at dance clubs, concerts, and "raves." The term "date rape" is widely used. They can affect you very quickly and without your knowing. It depends on how much of the drug is taken and if the drug is mixed with other drugs or alcohol.But most experts prefer the term "drug-facilitated sexual assault." These drugs also are used to help people commit other crimes, like robbery and physical assault. The term "date rape" also can be misleading because the person who commits the crime might not be dating the victim. Alcohol makes the drugs even stronger and can cause serious health problems — even death. Rohypnol can cause these problems: GHB takes effect in about 15 minutes and can last 3 or 4 hours.

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The victim might not be aware of the attack until 8 or 12 hours after it occurred. Once a victim gets help, there might be no proof that drugs were involved in the attack.

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